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King Street Run Ladder 2022

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Rules of the Ladder

  1. You may challenge any player up to 2 levels above you. If your challenge is successful then you and the other player will swap places directly on the ladder. If you are on the top 5 rows you may only challenge a player who is 1 row above you.
  2. All challenges must be answered within 7 days and played within 14 days from the date the original challenge was made or a walkover will be given.
  3. Claims for a walkover must be made by at most 3 days after the 14 day time limit for playing matches has expired.
  4. If a challenge is not played and a walkover not applied for the challenge is ruled void. Neither player involved in the challenge may make a subsequent challenge for a period of one week.
  5. A match should be played over at least 7 frames (first to 4).
  6. You may not make or agree to play challenges while you are involved in a challenge.
  7. You are officially involved in a challenge from the time it is posted in the WhatsApp group.
  8. Any suspected foul play when it comes to accepting and making challenges should be reported to the Secretary immediately. Punishment is at their discretion, continued abuse may result in removal from the ladder.
  9. If an agreement cannot be reached about choice of venue or table then the King Street Run main table is to be used.
  10. There must be at least a 1 week wait after losing a match before the player that beat you is obliged to grant you a rematch (they can if they wish).
  11. All matches are to be played to World Rules.
  12. Any player who fails to show up within 30 minutes of the agreed time shall forfeit the match.


Name P W L F A Pts
Scoring system
  1. 5 points are given for a win, 0 points for a loss
  2. In addition at most +5 or -5 points are given for frame difference.
  3. Walkovers are given as a 5-4 victory.